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Weekdays Monday to Thursday tend to be less busy in town.

Friday is market day with stalls in Broad Street & High Street. Saturday also sees a market in High Street and in Red Lion Square. These two days attract a lot of visitors to the town.

Sunday is busy around midday to mid-afternoon.

If there's an event on in town, or at busy times like Christmas, ensure

some forward-planning to make the most of your visit!


The best days to visit and where to park your car

Stamford is an ancient town of narrow streets and lanes so town centre parking is limited or short stay. However, there are many shoppers' car parks in short walking distance, & mostly on the flat...see below


Shoppers' and Visitors'

Car Parks

North Street, small, short & long stay

Wharf Road, larger long stay

Bath Row, large short and long stay

Cattle Market Station Road, largest long stay (except for Mother's Day week)

Scotgate, small, short stay

St. Leonard's St, small, short stay

Street parking includes:

Broad St: restricted to one hour but ideal for pick-up (no Friday access & no access on Remembrance Sunday or Mother's Day week))

Bath Row: parts of this car parking area

are free

Recreation Ground Road: short stay restriction

Accessible parking: in most car parks.

Motorcycle parking available in most car parks

It is a good idea to bring coins in addition to your bank/credit card, and have access to a car park app on your phone

as sites vary.

Pick-up points:

You may drive into the High Street precinct before 10am and after 4pm on any day to collect from shops

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The finest stone town in England

It was Sir Walter Scott who gave Stamford the title of

"The finest stone town in England", and John Betjeman "the most attractive in England". Many would agree!

Stamford was considered to be one of the best places to live by The Sunday Times in 2019, 2021 and recently in 2024 


Some interesting facts arise when you look into Stamford's history. The town probably derives its name from the local "stone ford" or river, and is one of England's medieval walled towns. Although the wall exists only in places, and the town has expanded greatly beyond its original boundaries, ancient maps show the existence of a walled enclosure with postern

and toll gates.


Click the arrow to the right 

Medieval Roots with many features still around today!

A filming heaven

Film-makers adore Stamford for a variety of reasons! Stamford was the first town in the British Isles to become a Conservation Town and this was in 1967. Its main thoroughfare, the Old Great North Road, was replaced by the A1 bypass, easing the traffic flow through the town, this being the subject of many short films and documentaries of the time.  


Stamford's varied historical architecture has been  the strong choice of TV and cinema film-makers through the years. The BBC's "Middlemarch" and the film, "Pride and Prejudice", saw the town turned into a film-set for weeks at a time. Roads were covered, TV aerials removed and wooden frontages added to buildings.


Film crews and artistes took up residence locally and could be seen each day around the catering and make-up vans on ground close to St. George's Church. Actors rubbed shoulders with residents, shopped in the shops and sat out on the street film sets waiting for "takes".  Red-coated soldiers were seen marching along the streets, and the stage coach and 4 was a regular sight driving through

Red Lion Square!  

Also filmed here: The Golden Bowl (2000), 

Bleak House (1985 and 2005), Elizabeth: The golden age ( 2007), Another Country (1984), 

Space ( 1984), The Crown (current), and others.

Stamford's a great place to photograph!

With its history of famous residents, its architecture and history, and legacy of being a back-drop for TV and film, Stamford is, indeed, a very special town to visit!


"Rock on the Rec", and the
"Stamford Diversity Festival" are held in
July and August respectively. 
Contact the Stamford Visitor Centre for full details.


Stamford's Famous People
& Blue Plaques

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